ZANZIBAR Coffee Arabica Beans (1kg)

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Our Premium Cafe Blend Distinct combination from the far flung regions of an older empire.

A medium roast gives this blend a smooth and heavy texture with a caramel mouth-feel along with a rich finish. imageedit-4-9443482574.gif

A smooth, well-balanced coffee is also ideal in the home.

Zanzibar Savanna Blend is simple yet sophisticated combination of "3" beans.

The Blend itself consists of three different origins; Centeral America, South America and Ethiopien.

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Available Weight:

*1kg and 500gm bags.




About Arabica Beans:

Arabica beans are actually seeds plucked from the cherries of the Coffea arabica plant and are one of the two types of beans used to produce a cup of coffee, the other type being robusta. Arabica beans have less caffeine, less acidity, more aromatic properties, and are considered to be the superior bean by many coffee drinking aficionados. This is the bean used for the more expensive specialty and gourmet coffees found in the United States. Some coffees are made with a blend of arabica and robusta beans to improve flavor while keeping costs down, but a coffee that meets the highest standards demanded will most likely be produced using 100% arabica beans.


Coffea arabica is indigenous to southwest Arabia and has been growing there for more than 1000 years. However, many varieties of the arabica bean exist and can be found growing in the subtropical and equatorial regions of Latin America and Asia, as well as Africa. Arabica beans are used in about 80% of the world's coffee production, leaving the robusta beans a much smaller 20% share of the market. This is despite the fact that robusta beans are grown on a much hardier plant, and the more delicate Coffea arabica requires very specific climatic conditions to be in place.


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By: on 23 May 2016
I found this coffee to be of a very high standard. The flavour is very nice, not overbearing, and no after taste. Will be ordering more.

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