Created for Melbourne Café’s,  Chai Tea Spice is Arkadia’s signature brew.  It’s based on traditional chai tea flavours.  Chai Tea Spice is suitable for Chai Tea, Chai latte, Iced Chai and Chai Frappe’s

Free of Preservatives, artificial colours and artificial sweeteners

98% fat free when made according to the directions on water




* * * * *

Thank you I am serving to costumes and they are all enjoying it

12 January 2017

* * * * *

Many Thanks for shipping this product so very quickly. Arkadia Chai Spice is a lovely creamy treat at any time of year but it seems extra decadent and delicious and warming in winter. Thanks again for the ability to buy the larger quantities. Kind Regards, Helen

19 June 2016

* * * * *

Arcadia chai is the best taste on the lips without gaining a kilo on the hips. The flavour is smooth addictive perfecto. Love it.

1 June 2016

* * * * *

Very consistent,hood quality and well priced

13 May 2016

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