Chocolate Frappe Mix 1kg

Arkadia Iceecino is a delicious and versatile frappe mix. It's easy to create new menu items of thirst quenching ice blended drinks. Use either in a high speed commercial blender or granita machine.

Available in:

* Chocolate.

* Vanila.

* Double Shot Espresso

​*Chocolate Hazelnut

How Does it Work?

Create a thirst quenching ice blended mocha drink that will reinvigorate and refresh. Simply make it at home by using a blender with ice or use it in a cafe with a granita machine. We guarantee you will love the Iced Mocha Frappe or your money back 

The highest quality ingredients have been selected to produce a rich refreshing ice blended drink.

Recipe Based on a 350ml Cup

  • Pour 100ml of cold water into the blender
  • add 50g of Icechino Frappe Chocolate
  • add 160g of ice
  • Blend for 20 seconds





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Lovely base for frappes, easy to use. Bough the vanilla, added , ice, coconut water & fresh blueberries, totally yum.

12 October 2016

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