A natural alternative to artificial sweeteners - GreenSpoon Natural Sweetener Sticks!
Pack size 1.5g x 500 sticks per box.

"At GreenSpoon we believe we’ve made a difference in today’s world by offering the highest quality, lowest calorie and best tasting stevia on the market. Born from the earth and refined for great taste.  We only use the sweetest and the best part of the stevia plant in our GreenSpoon table top sweetener.

GreenSpoon stevia is a natural alternative to artificial sweeteners and sugar. GreenSpoon is an ideal choice for customers keen to see a natural sweetener in their cafe. Its texture resembles sugar and is the perfect accompaniment to coffee and tea.

GreenSpoon is over 200 times sweeter than cane sugar. It is the lowest calorie stevia alternative with only 0.3 calories per serve. Switch too GreenSpoon, the healthiest sweetener, to enjoy 98% less calories than sugar and start living the sweet life today."


100% Natural sweetener. Just 0.3 calories per stick compared to 16 calories in a tsp of sugar.


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Good quality natural product - Perfect for a cuppa in The Tea Room West End

10 March 2015

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